Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The National Work at Home Mom Association

The NWAHMA is proud to announce that it will be presenting opportunities and support for work at home mothers in the Houston Texas area. Patricia Barboza Regional Executive Director will be hosting the event with a scheduled attendance by President Lynn Phelps.

Mrs. Phelps is very excited about Houston. We have had many inquiries about the expo from moms in Houston and surrounding counties. These expos represent a need. Along with our advocacy to make a change in society we want to share the dreams and career goals of all of the moms that attend these expos. We are here to help make things happen for them.

The National Work at Home Mom Association is a non profit association. Its motto is “helping family’s one mom at a time”. Recently the NWAHMA launched a professional certification program that is available for anyone who wants to learn more and become certified. In its efforts to fight work at home related scams the NWAHMA also offers a professional certification for business opportunities.

We are always in need of volunteers, says Mrs. Phelps. Our association is a member run association. We offer real time net working meetings, virtual meet and greets, and advertising opportunities that are all free to our members. Currently we are working with the US Department of Labor on a pilot program in which anyone who visits our site can sign up to participate in a free class offered through the US Department of Labor and the University of Texas.

The National Work at Home Mom Association is also a certifying association for President Bush’s Award Program.