Monday, September 24, 2007

Tuesday Tip Day

What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Read up on everything you can before you start if possible. If you are going to have a website and are doing it yourself you will need to read a lot. You don’t necessarily need to know html but you’ll need to know about Search Engine Optimization, marketing, traffic generation, and so much more. Do a lot of research.

Thank you for the tip, yes I think learning as much as you can about your craft is definitely needed.

Anyone else have any tips?


Monica said...

Hi there,

I saw your blog and just wanted to comment on it. The only advise that I have to WAHP is to make sure that it is a business that is legitimate and worth your time and effort. In reality, I don't think that there are any get rich quick ways to work at home. Anything worth having is going to be hard work. If you are thinking about getting involved in a home based business, make sure that there is a need for the services and not just a luxury. As luxuries are the first to go when times get tough, where as needs are needs, and will always be there. I'd love to share my business with you. Check out my blog

Jack said...

I'd agree with the person above, there is no "get rich quick" online. There is just hard work and dedication to your business. This is something I have learned the hard way.