Friday, September 21, 2007

Stop by LaLa Natural!

Let's all stop by LaLa Natural and browse around the shop to see what type of items are of interest to you. Elena Lipson and her husband put this business together to make life better for their son. They've got everything to make your little one happy from natural toys (no lead), organic bedding and diapers, potty training toilets, organic slings to hemp bags. If you pay attention to the celebrities many of them received hemp bags at the Emmy's.

I was lucky enough to review a few of their items, we got the SAGE CREEK - Natural Wooden Mini Rattle as well as the Keptin_Jr_Baby's First All Natural Rattle. I have a review at Homemom3 if you'd like to read it. If not here is a snip of it.

SAGE CREEK - Natural Wooden Mini Rattle, does make a lot of noise that will interest your infant. I love the fact he can put his mouth over it without worrying about splinters or lead paint.

The "KEPTIN Jr's Sweet Rattle", a rag doll rattle is my favorite, I think it is suppose to resemble a puppy with long ears. That's what I think it looks like anyways, this is Little A's favorite rattle out of the two. Your baby can suck on any part of this rattle with no fear. My son loves the knots as he is constantly teething, which...

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