Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Tip Day

Our tip this week comes from freelance writer, Pamela Gardapee.

What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Never give up. It might start out slow and it will take hard work, but once you gain a reputation, you can make a decent living. Dedication and moral support from family also helps.

Are you a freelance writer? What tip would you give WAHP?


Laura said...

I think that Pamela's advice is good. Another piece of advice that I would offer is to learn from your mistakes and failures. Ask yourself not only what went wrong and why, but how could I have done better and what should I have done differently.

Homemom3 said...

I agree with both of ya. Persistance eventually pays off, but if you quit too soon you'll never see it. Instead you'll always have those "what if" moments.

Laura- Yes, learn from the mistakes and grow from them. If something didn't work, learn what did.

Another tip: ask for help. In the blogging world someone haa been there and is always willing to help out.

Craig Perry said...

Persistence is definitely a big one but also finding someone who can guide you in what works and what doesn't. www.WorkFromHomeWithKids.com

#1 GAL, Dr. Ty! said...

Hi there, I ust wanted to let you know that in honor of BlogDay 2007, I included a link to your blog on mine.


Blondie Writes - Pamela said...

I just wanted to let ever one know that it has paid off. I am now making enough money to support my household and that is alot for some reason, but I can do it. I might work more hours than I want, but I have set my prices and people are paying me for great articles.