Thursday, May 24, 2007

Work-Life Benefits at Xerox Offer Win-Win for Working Mothers

Xerox is one of the companies that seem to know how to take care of their employees.

Just a few of the working arrangements Xerox offers that make their efforts obvious are:

-flex time
- job sharing
- telecommuting
- child-care subsidies
- domestic partner benefits

It is especially minding its women workforce since women constitute 32% of its total workforce in the US.

Xerox's commitment to an inclusive workplace is reflected in the company's professional development, training and support programs, including its partnerships with six independent employee caucus groups such as The Women's Alliance and the Black Women's Leadership Council.

Read full press release.

Do you think if more companies offered telecommuting opportunities that they might get better quality work from their employees?


Solidinkoutlet said...

I'm sure Xerox benefits from the environment they create for their employees it motivates the employees and allows them to love work.

If your employees love work, then they love working. Therefore, this creates an incredible benefit for Xerox. My mother's friend Ms. Mehta she showed me an article about her in the gazine it said the she "is married to another Xerox employee, Andre Blaakman, who is in product development. When the company transferred Blaakman to the United Kingdom, Xerox made an effort to find a position for Ms.Mehta so the couple would not be separated. They have also used Xerox’s mortgage assistance program, which provides up to $2,000 for first-time homebuyers, and the tuition assistance program, which enabled both Mehta and Blaakman to earn their master’s degrees.

No one wants to leave a company who treats their employees that way!