Thursday, April 05, 2007

B.S.I. Investigation - My Fashion E-Mall Blog!

B.S.I. Investigation - My Fashion E-Mall Blog!

Tip One: Fashion blogs and eBay are both huge right now. It's a great niche to get into. The first thing I noticed that I would personally change is the template. You have a trendy niche and need a trendy snazzy template to go with it. Doesn't need to be anything fancy - perhaps just playing with the colors a bit would bring enough splash of color to the blog to make it "fashionable" to the eye.

Tip Two
: Try moving your profile/about section down a bit and utilizing that top sidebar space for your profit generators. It's prime spacing for Google Ads or similar pay per click ads. A pay per sale ad might work if you have a hot item that you could get a solid click through rate on.

Tip Three: Every blogger that wishes to be taken seriously needs to have a way for readers to contact them. This shows your readers you're a real person and lets them know you value them enough to have them contact you any time they have questions or recommendations.

Tip Four: Labels or Tags - I'm a big believer in labels or tags. I have seen firsthand what a few quality labels can do for a blogs traffic. If you would rather not use the tags, perhaps highlighting key words within the text of your posts might be something to consider. It helps the search engines to zero in on those keywords.

Tip Five
: Adbrite Ads - consider relocating your Adbrite Ads. If they were in a more prime spot and not hidden between other links, you would be able to generate more sales. You've got a great market for Adbrite Ads and should take full advantage of prime locations within your blog.

Sonia - Thanks so much for letting me critique your blog. I've enjoyed looking yours over and hope you'll find a tremendous amount of success.


My Fashion E-Mall Blog! said...

Hello Gayla!

Thank you so much for your insight into my blog. I really appreciate it. I will get to work on your tips as soon as possible. I really enjoy visiting your sites. You truly are a professional.

Have a great day!