Wednesday, April 25, 2007

B.S.I. Investigation - Merry's Kitchen

B.S.I. Investigation - Merry's Kitchen

Tip One
: One the Wordpress Platform, you'll get the most mileage out of creating keyword rich titles if you use what's called pretty permalinks.

Instead of having a link look like this:

Your link would look like this:

This is done by going to Options, Permalinks and selecting the name based option. Be sure to update your changes at the bottom before exiting that page.

Tip Two
: You have incredible opportunity to take advantage of Amazon links. When you are doing product reviews or recommendations, link to an Amazon affiliate link. Since you are on Wordpress, you can utilize the Amazon plugin that allows you to drag and drop links and pictures too.

Tip Three
: Build on your About Page. You are offering some great advice, reviews and information, but people will develop a stronger loyalty if they feel they know you. We're always more prone to buy from a friend then a stranger.

Tip Four
: Tag your posts. Technorati tags are a great way to drive traffic for specific topics. In Wordpress you can either insert them with a plugin or you can use Qumana or BlogDesk blog editors (both are free downloads) and insert them easily that way.

Tip Five
: If you're looking to monetize your blog or find ways of earning -- I highly recommend signing up for ReviewMe. You're already offering product reviews so it would be a nice fit right into your content. You can see how I have my MomGadget Request a Review Page set up and use whatever portions of it you like if you would like to set up a page similar.

Merry ~
Thanks so much for letting me critique your blog. I've enjoyed looking yours over and might even have gained a few pounds during the investigation. I hope these tips help you and I wish you continued success.


Merry's Kitchen said...


I've done everything you suggested. Thanks for the tips. :-)

I actually signed up for 'Review Me' a couple weeks ago... but don't qualify yet. :-(

All in good time...


Gayla McCord said...

Did they happen to give you a reason as to why you were not approved?

It might be worth sending them an email asking for an explanation. It could have been a glitch.

I would think your site is prime for reviews.