Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MomGadget Forum Newsletter - November 21, 2006

Greetings Everyone ~

It's been nearly three weeks since my last update - so before I got any further into this holiday week, I wanted to send an update to all of you on the new and exciting things that are taking place on our forum!

First - I want to remind everyone that this forum is about ALL of us!  I know, through so many other forums, you've been programmed to be more modest with your linking and promoting, but NOT hereI want you to promote your blogs!  Promote your affiliate links!  Brag up yourself as much as you like!  If you're too modest, pm me, I'd be happy to brag on you

I've just created a section called Hot Topics and Random Chit Chat - within that section you'll find several categories - I'm quite certain you'll be able to find a nice fit there. 

The vision some of us have for that section is for YOU to be able to network with other like bloggers and find a means of supporting one another by sharing your tips on what works and what doesn't.

As an example:  If you have a Celebrity Blog and you've found a hot affiliate that pays nicely in that category, SHARE YOUR link there.  I'd LOVE to see more affiliate links being promoted

This forum will ONLY be as successful as all it's members and if YOU fail, then I will feel like a failure - so if you can't do it for yourself, won't you do it for me?

Next, given that we've had some pretty obvious spammers join recently, the moderators of this forum have decided to enforce a Membership Audit Policy.  What this means to you is - If you join this forum, you need to post or run the risk of losing your membership.  You can find complete details in the New Member Section.

~*~ Upcoming Blog Carnivals: ~*~

With the holiday season officially underway - you're probably going to find less and less time to blog.  That's where the Blog Carnivals can help!  Please be sure to check the Group Writing Projects Board often - there are always new carnivals being added.  If you'd like to host a carnival yourself, please let us know. 

It's really very easy - you simply set the topic - I'll post it in the Official List - you collect the various posts that other bloggers write up and on the set day of the carnival, you write a full post giving brief details of each of those submitted to you.  That's it!  It's truly a great way to network and drive traffic to your blog.  It's a great way to combat writers block too!

~*~ Featured Member Sites ~*~

Some of you may have noticed that several buttons have been added to the top of our forum page and would like to know how to get your button there.  Well, here's the deal...

After careful consideration on some of the more private tips some bloggers were wanting to share, but hesitant about sharing them in the open and public forums - and my refusing to charge for memberships, a Private Forum has been created.  Within this forum, bloggers are able to discuss in depth, their niche, their most successful affiliates and things they wish only to share in small groups where trust has been established.

There is a panel of people who participate in the decision making process who have put together a list of criteria that needs to be met in order to gain access to this particular forum.  Just know that you are being watched - your blogs are being watched and your participation is monitored and soon, you may be rewarded with a promotion of sorts. 

Since I will never charge for any portion of this forum, the only other logical alternative was to design a system that would reward those who participate most and establish the trust of their fellow members within this forum.  We've all encountered the scammers and those who are in it for the money regardless of how challenging to their character it may be.  So keep participating and keep blogging - there are rewards coming!

~*~ Random Keystrokes ~*~

I would like to remind everyone that on the first of each month - several bloggers participate in Blog Tipping - Blogtipping is simply creating a blog featuring three random blogs.  With each feature, you offer Three compliments and One suggestion on how to improve that blog.  That's it!  Thanks to Char of Essenital Keystrokes for introducing us to Blog Tipping and Easton Ellsworth - the original tipper.

Char also asked that I tell everyone about Liz Strauss's Open Mic Night that takes place each and every Tuesday night.   This seems to be a great deal of fun - if you have time tonight at 7 (Chicago time), why not join Char and me over on Successful Blog for Open Mic Night.  This will be my first time participating - so don't be shy!

~*~ Special Mention ~*~

I'd like to extend a special mention and congrats to -

ElizaJane - First, because she's officially making money from blogging and too - she's recently found that she and her hubby are expecting a sweet baby boy!

A special wish for health and happiness goes out to KrisK - just this last week, Krisk became the very proud daddy to a wonderful healthy baby girl.

For all of you who are located in the U.S. - We wish you a very safe and happy holiday!  Be safe in your travels and safer in your shopping - I really hope no one here is planning on buying a Playstation 3 - those things are dangerous :)  Elsewhere in the world - I'll be sure to have a big piece of pumpkin pie just for you :)

Happy Holidays

Gayla, Char and Angela ~ Your MomGadget Mod's

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Charissa said...

Great Blog! I will have to check out your forum. Have a Great Holiday :)