Thursday, October 26, 2006

Amazon Comments - Great for Luring Traffic

Did you know that you can comment on nearly any product that you use on Amazon?

It not only allows you a way to get your name out there as an "honest" internet personality, but it's a great way to get links going to your blog or website.

I've commented on Amazon a few times and was very pleased with the traffic it generated.

If you do happen to comment on any product at all, be sure to post about it over on the MomGadget forum!  It's a great way to generate sales through your own Amazon links.

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Andrea said...

Thank you for the tip.
I am a new stay at home mum who is venturing into the world of 'work at home' mums. I have done quiet a few reviews on the work at home business and placed a summary on my website. I will be setting up a web blog when I get a bit more time.
You can view me at

Wish me luck with my ventures.
PS Still trying to perfect the site, more pages coming soon so please come back shortly.