Monday, September 18, 2006


Anyone else having problems getting paid?

A couple of months ago, Clickbooth attempted to pay me via paypal in a way that would charge me for them paying me.  After several discussions on this very issue with my friend Angela - I realized that I should NOT have to pay anything to get paid.  So I refused the payment and changed my payment options to receive a check rather than paypal.

I've sent several emails trying to resolve this issue, but I've yet to receive my money and this has been going on quite some time.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems getting their money from Clickbooth and if/how they resolved it?

Is Clickbooth worth messing with?  It's not exactly a small chunk of change I'm waiting on and I'd like to at least get that money.

Know what I mean?

Anyone know of another alternative to Clickbooth should I choose to abandoned their program?

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