Monday, July 24, 2006

What Blogging is Buying Bloggers

Hsien-Hsien from Cotton-Pickin' Days shines a spotlight on what blogging has bought and 'bRought' her - as sparked by Darren aka ProBlogger's post that shines the light on what blogging has bought for so many other bloggers.

The list ranges from CD's and hosting to homes, trips and cars.  While some bloggers claim that blogging has brought them a sense of purpose, a social life and many lost hours of sleep.

In order to keep the inspirational topic going, I thought I'd share what blogging has bought and 'bRought' me as well...

Tomorrow, my family and I will begin moving into our new home.  A home that will allow all four of our kids to have their own rooms as well as each one of us having our own niche space to escape to.

With the money that we've made blogging - we were able to afford new family room and kitchen furniture - a new washer and dryer - a new MASSIVE refrigerator and lots of very pretty, very country decor to make our home feel warm and cozy.

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be making my living and supporting my children in such a way, I'd never believed them.  But today, I am a living testimony that it can and does happen.

I may not be the wealthiest in monetary value, but the time that blogging affords me with my family is irreplaceable!

So what has blogging bought or 'bRought' you?

I'd love to read about it and keep inspirational torch going!

Share your story and send me the link and I'll share it right here on Work at Home Mom.


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