Friday, May 19, 2006

Work at Home Questions & Concerns

Another WAHM asks for our help and input on the following:

Have other Sites taken your Original Content?

I have a question about frame trapping


I have a question about redirects

My answers as follows:


I would take a look at the site and if they were not providing a link to me and they are obviously stealing my content to gain revenue from it, I would report them to the affiliates they had listed on their site.

Next I would place a "NO RIGHT CLICK" code in the html.  That might help a little, but those who really know their way around can get the content if they like.  It may detour some though.


Next - Frame Trapping

I think frame trapping or coppertopping (as I've heard it called) is distasteful and disrespectful.  The same result of having visitors return can be had simply by having links open in a separate window.  Some work very hard on their sites to have someone try to take credit for their work.  Furthermore, I can't imagine how it might not have an ill impact on Google Ads and click through rates.


Lastly - on redirects?  I haven't the faintest!  I'll be interested in seeing what others have to say.

There you have it, my thoughts and answers.

Good luck

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