Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Strategic Commenting to Drive Traffic

Amy Gahran offers a great informational guide on building a nice traffic stream to your blog.

The solution is simple once you wrap your brain around the concept of conversational media.

If you view your blog as part of a public conversation, rather than a mere publication, then an easy way to attract more interest and interaction becomes obvious. I call it "strategic commenting."

Check it out and develop your own plan!  I've found that by commenting on blogs that I enjoy reading, I've been able to double my traffic at times.

Do you have a unique method you've used that helps build traffic and an audience?  Feel free to tell us about it on your blog and provide the link!  I'm always willing to do a little link lovin'.

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Xiti said...

Awesome, just awesome Gayla. I've read through her page, and pretty good stuff there. As I'm still working on the publicity of getting my sites known. This post is particularily helpful for me. So once again thanks for posting the link to this.