Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sometimes money does come easy

I've just recently learned about a new opportunity with an organization called BloggingAds. It's a great way to earn a few extra bucks with your blog. Again, I'd like to stress that I will not promote something that I myself have not tried and that I have not earned a nice sum from.

The concept and process is really very simple - You promote one of their clients in a post on your blog and they pay you for the post.

You have the option of creating your own text if you'd like to have the ad work into the regular content of your blog better or you can use one of their pre-written ads that's as simple as copying the text and pasting it right into the html of your blog.

Poof - the blog is posted and you're getting a notification from paypal that you've been paid within a few hours. It's that simple!

It's such an easy way to earn a few bucks for all your hard work and effort - we all know how much heart and soul goes into most of our blogs!

Again, I will say this is not a way that you're going to get rich, but by golly you might just make enough to take yourself out to a movie over the weekend!.

Blogging Ads to sign up and see if your blog is a good fit for some of their clients.

I'd love to hear some feedback from others who have or will be using this service too!

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Xiti said...

Hey Gayla, I actually signed up to this right when I saw your post, and within the hour I had posted on mine and within 45 minutes after posting I had recieved my money into my paypal account. Quite a nice way to make a few spare dollars if you find something on the net you really want that's cheap!

gayla said...

YEAH!!! Glad it worked out for you :)

It's fun to get paid isn't it?

Xiti said...

yea fun to finally get paid for something I've done on the internet. It's the first actual money i've seen, other than the accrued money in the adsense account

Malathy said...

I am glad to read about your testimonial about blogging ads of which I am aslo a member.

May I kindly request you to list your blog for free in my web directory.?

Mike said...

Just wondering if you're still using Blogging Ads. I received a response from them two days after joining up, did a couple of posts as requested, and haven't heard a thing since. Okay, it's three days, but usually you'd expect some feed back.

There's nothing showing up in Paypal either.

Anonymous said...

I'm already a member before I read your post???
Hope you can help me with submitting blog?
Couz I'm just a new blogger and I don't know how to submit it to google...
when I tried to do such, it brings me to a blank page so I don't know if it was added.
Then I went back to my acct and says I am still not submitting a blog?

badot said...

thank you for your information. I'm a new member. please visit my blog

metal_insane said...

is blogging ads compatible with adsense?

chingkkay said...

hi there, just want to know if you earn to this matter regularly? Did you receive many offers?