Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My April Earnings as a Blogger

Though, as always, I cannot reveal exactly what my affiliates are - of course Google is one of them, I can tell you what the totals were for the month.

Affiliate 1 - $680.00

Affiliate 2 - $492.90

Affiliate 3 - $193.00

Affiliate 4 - $220.00

Affiliate 5 - $78.00

Total - $1663.90 for the month of April

That places me at $10,450 for the year so far.

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Erno said...

That is great!


Xiti said...


I just basically got laid off my only real income last night. I need to start making good money on the internet, but it seems to be going slow. Any tips for an internet savvy person like me?

Btw Congrats on the income Gayla...I can't wait to catch up to you hun.!


Amber said...

Your awesome, Gayla! Can't wait to learn all I can from you! Since I am such a newbie I will just keep doing my best but just wanted to let you know you are a blessing and I wrote about you and Angela on my blog today :)

Thanks for always being so willing to help me out!

Blessings, hon!

P.S. Can't wait to see what you do with my questions about Shaklee and what others have to say about it too.

Michele said...

Way to go Gayla!! :)

gayla said...

Thanks for the comments. It's been a challenging month with sick kiddos and then one having his tonsils removed. He's still home and likely to go back to school Friday.

Then it's only three weeks till summer break ACK

I need one jumbo size box of Calgon to take me AWAY :)

But as for the profits, the man upstairs knows just what I need when I need it and we've been able to handle the surgery and meds. So it's a good thing :)

Angela said...

Good Lord I had NO IDEA you were doing THAT good. Don't we talk on the phone almost every day?? lol Did you forget to mention that to me? lol I'm so glad to see you are doing so good Gayla. Ok - it's my turn to copy you. I will write up mine over on my blog and link back to you. I haven't earned nearly as much as you but I am glad for what I can do because every little bit helps and with the three girls that I got here at home.. I'm gonna need all the help I can get!!!


Angela :)