Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wise words from The Book of Joe

Joe from The BookofJoe touched on a topic that's near and dear to the heart of many who are trying to make an honest buck through their various online mediums.

It was nice to see that someone else takes the whole giving credit where credit is due thing seriously.

Joe points out how often people will:

1) See something interesting online and post it on their website.

2) Provide a link to the place they found it.

Then on their happy little way they go thinking everything is fine and good.  It's NOT!

When you see a link or a hat tip, that usually means that person picked up the information from someone else.  It's certainly nice to link to the person where YOU found the information, but it's even more "appropriate" to click all the way back to the beginning and link to everyone who left the trail of bread crumbs that got you the wonderful bit of information that graces your site.

If you don't feel like following and posting the trail of bread crumbs, then you should be posting the material as if it were your unique and brilliant workings.

Of course everything I said above can be summed up by one word - Stealing!

Don't do it!

Just say no!

More from Joe here...

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