Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Affiliate Marketing – Starting With The Basics

Affiliate marketing online is one of the best work at home opportunities around. With a little know how you can easily set yourself up as an affiliate marketer and be in business in a matter of days.

Affiliate marketing in simple terms means promoting/selling other people’s products on your website.

Say you own a website giving people information about puppy care, you could then place links to products related to puppy care, puppy training, puppy supplies, etc. When your visitors click on these links they will go to the website which you are promoting. If they buy something, you will then be paid a commission for sending the customer there. Not bad for providing quality information huh?

You can find affiliate programs just about everywhere these days. A good way to find programs you’d like to join is by doing a search on your chosen topic. Look at what other website are promoting and this should give you a good starting point. The big networks such as Commission Junction are a great place to start too.

When you registered for your chosen affiliate programs you will receive a unique ID. When you place a link to websites you’re promoting you will use a URL which includes your unique ID.

The clicks are automatically tracked and so are your sales. You will then be paid according to each individual’s programs payment dates.

Sounds simple enough right? Well it is and it isn’t. Choosing programs to promote and placing links on your website is the easy part. The tricky part is actually promoting those programs in a way to make money.

There’s a certain technique to affiliate marketing and only a small percentage of affiliates actually gain the status of “super Affiliate”. One thing that will definitely bring you much success in affiliate marketing is providing valuable information to your visitors… do this and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

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trouble333 said...

I saw you left a comment on my blog... I'm new to this whole thing so I wasn't set up for email notification. I'm sooo sorry I missed it, especially after reading all your helpful information. I would like to talk with you about maybe ideas and exchanging links etc. Thank you for your offer to help me out.