Sunday, February 26, 2006

Changing Your Template

The following question was asked on WAHM and I felt it was worthy of response here for anyone else who may be reluctant in changing the look of their blog for fear of losing it's content.

Q. Is it possible to switch templates on a blog that has a lot of content - without losing the content?

A. You can switch templates any time you like. The only things that will need to be replaced in the coding are things that are not included in the blog itself (i.e. affiliates, special linking, blogrolls)

What I would do, and this may sound like more work) is take the code that is in your blog as it is, save it in a word or notepad document. Don't alter it whatsoever - just save it. You'll copy various code from it to place back in the new template.

USE your preview button in your settings a LOT - don't save it until you have it just how you want it. - each time you make a change you like copy the entire code from the new template into a different/new word document or notepad document and keep updating it as you like the changes.

It's tedious I know, but it's well worth it when you consider the alternatives of losing everything - both new and old.

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