Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cool Contests

I'm not a big fan of contests, unless I am able to do some research to see just how legitimate they are. Below are a couple that I found to be sponsored by reputable companies so if being creative enough to win is your forte' get with it and perhaps you'll win some cold hard cash.

Pepperidge Farms - Contest ENDS 2/28/06

Submit your 200 word essay on the topic “What is your PERFECT HOLIDAY HOMECOMING and why do you think you should win?” and you could win $20,000 to make your holiday dreams come true! Enter Here

Cheesiest Kids in America

Have your kids between the ages of 7-14, create an entry (written, drawn or video) showing why they love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Twelve winners will have their photo on a special edition Mac & Cheese box, receive a $5000 scholarship and a trip for four to Orlando, Florida. Contest ENDS 2/28/06

If you are aware of other legitimate contests, please drop us an email or post the information in the comments section for others to see.

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