Monday, December 12, 2005

Finding Your Niche

Though I find some of the posts to be a bit harsh toward those just dipping their toes in the blogging waters, I do find some useful information here from time to time.

Via Performancing

Visit your library or favorite bookstore and walk down the isles, any inspiration there? Local history, crime, science fiction, romance.. How about your magazine store?, photography, home computing, celebrity gossip, auto..

Here are some more subject area headings you can think about

  • aspirational - by aspirational I mean the sort of subject people will read just to get a taste of a lifestyle or to fuel their dreams. I am thinking "lifestyles of the rich and famous". You know the sort of thing, pictures of yachts moored in the south of France, super sports cars, private jets. There is pure entertainment value for the reader and it would be fun to write about.
  • goal based - you might have a goal and want to blog about your progress or you might want to give advice to others wanting to achieve their goals. Everyone can think of a goal they would like to achieve, from getting rich to losing weight. Some might be short term, such as running a marathon, others might be ongoing like being a great parent/husband/etc.
  • ideological - people have strong feelings about faith, politics and their way of life. You can pretty much talk about any subject by applying your world view to it.
  • trends and fashions - if you have your finger on the pulse of fashion then you are ideally placed to help others keep up.
  • hobbies and pastimes - there are thousands of hobbies to choose from and the audience are obsessive. Some even have events and conventions that you can cover.
  • sports - sports fans can the biggest stats obsessives on the planet and like to keep updated daily on the slightest piece of news about their own team and those of their opposition.
  • current affairs - you will never be short of things to write about if you cover current affairs but you will need to find your own unique take on things as there are so many people doing it.
  • collecting - collectors can be found everywhere, just look at how huge ebay is!
  • arts and crafts - you can take the highbrow approach and cover the art scene or the practical approach and help people become hobby painters and crafts people.
  • health - many many people are interested in the health topic and there are so many facets, there is bound to be a rich subject to cover.
  • shopping - some people are born to shop .. I know my wife is .. and you can't ask for a better subject for advertising purposes! There are so many products and aspects, from the individual items to buy through to the worlds best shopping malls.

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