Thursday, December 29, 2005

Adsense Scrapper - What the heck is it?

I've posted the following on Gayla's Place in hopes of recruiting the help of others in providing accurate information on exactly what Adsense Scrapping is... It's information anyone who utilizes the Adsense program to help make money should know...

As per my usual morning ritual, I poured myself a cup of coffee and made my way to my computer - ready to begin my day.

The first thing I normally do is head over to Technorati to see what hot topics have popped up on the discussion panel while I was sleeping. This morning I found a new term - Adsense Scrapper.

Apparently, adsense scrappers are being banned by Google but the big question is why?

Since a majority of my monthly income comes from Adsense spanning across 9 blogs and two websites, I became just a bit concerned. I've never claimed to be some great webmaster or to understand all legal lingo in those TOS documents, so hopefully this whole Google Adsense Scrapper stuff has an Easy Button - like those found at Staples :)

If I find anymore on it, I'll share that information here - and I invite my readers to share their own findings on this. Heaven forbid we stumble on spam sites posting bogus information - which by the way you should ALWAYS report them.

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