Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adbrite Ads - What are they and do they work?

AdBrite, "The Internet's Ad Marketplace", is an e-commerce site. Rather than selling books, CDs, or rare antiques, Adbrite sells ad space on thousands of websites. I've got adbrite ads listed on some of the highest traffic pages on my sites and have to say I have been more than pleased with the advertisers who have generously set up monthly recurring ads. It's a sure payment each month!

Like Ebay, many AdBrite users are both buyers and sellers (advertisers (them) and publishers (us)). That's why Adbrite's homepage doesn't say "advertisers go here" and "publishers go there". There are, however, two distinct things you can do with AdBrite -- buy and sell ad space.

If you're an advertiser, AdBrite provides great deals from all sorts of websites. Search or browse to find a site you want to advertise on. We'll show you relevant stats, including price and how many clicks you can expect. Add it to your cart, write your ad, and pay. If approved by the webmaster, your ad will appear on that site at the scheduled time.

If you're a publisher, use AdBrite to set your own ad rates, and approve or reject every ad that's purchased for your site. AdBrite enables you to instantly sell ads to your visitors via a "Your Ad Here" link, in addition to selling through AdBrite's marketplace and sales team.

Adbrite is a great way to set specific ad space and pricing on your sites and walk away. It helps to provide a solution to emails from others wanting to advertise on your site. You can easily point them to your Abrite section and let them decide if the offer is right for them.

Give Adbrite a testdrive, you've really got nothing to lose.


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