Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Targeting Keywords for Increased Traffic

I have read so many articles on targeting keywords I feel like my eyes could bleed.

I finally worked my way over to wordtracker to check out what keywords are actually being searched most.

Now I just have to figure out a way to build a business around the following top 20 keywords:

1 howard stern
2 martha stewart
3 paris hilton
4 constantine
5 jack nicklaus
6 global flyer
7 google
8 ebay
9 pga
10 eminem
11 britney spears
12 yahoo
13 green day
14 lindsay lohan
15 carmen electra
16 jennifer lopez
17 50 cent
18 anime
19 pamela anderson
20 mapquest

Personally it looks like it would be easier to find a cure for cancer or put a man on Mars (by the way if this is already possible, I'd like to volunteer my ex-husband).

So with that said and those keywords in mind, I am off to put together my next little business plan.

Feel free to offer suggestions if any come to mind!

Until next time...
Gayla <-- tee hee -- that's my name in wingdings