Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Mom Team

A few weeks ago my cousin emailed me about an email she received insisting that she join "The Mom Team." Since I seem to be the families go-to girl for internet information, she forwarded the email to me for further investigation.

Just a few clicks and digs revealed a company called Melaleuca. The reason for promoting this business behind the shroud of "The Mom Team" is because they are not allowed to promote online using the official company name.

From what I understand, members commit to purchasing a certain amount of products PER MONTH. If members don't meet quota's by selling, they must fill in the void by making the purchases theirselves.

Melaleuca is a member of Direct Selling Association

I went just a bit further and did a search on "Melaleuca complaints" on yahoo and found this at Rip-Off


Angela said...

Without even clicking on the company links OR the report I can tell it could be a scam. I'll be surprised if I am wrong. Although I have been known to be wrong a time or two. :)