Friday, February 04, 2005

Saskatoon Woman Spearheads Fundraiser

Unable to hold down a traditional job due to complications of the disease, Meier has been a direct sales representative with Totally Tropical Interiors for the past two years. Totally Tropical Interiors is a Canadian based direct sales company, which has made a recent expansion into the United States.

“I don’t want the pain I’m in to stop me from being a success. I want to reach out and help the MS Society because they’ve made my life bearable through the MS Clinic. It’s only through their research that I have any hope for the future,” says Meier, explaining her choice of charity for the campaign.

Meier was diagnosed with MS last year and has been receiving treatment from the MS Clinic is Saskatoon since. “The disease has taken a toll on my business and our finances,” says Meier “but I hope this will get me back into the business swing again. But more than that, I hope when people see me out there in my wheelchair with my silk plants that they see what a great cause this is all for.”

Only purchases through Meier or one of her aiding family members will be part of this fundraising effort. Natalie Meier, sister-in-law to Marleen, is taking orders for Marleen in the Mississauga area ( 905- 890-1682 ). For more information about this fundraiser or to arrange an interview Marleen Meier can be contacted at 306-955-1248More information on the Work at Home Challenge can be found at

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