Friday, January 07, 2005

"C.A.N"ned SPAM and Worse....

About a year ago I began checking out these "money making" ideas/resources/investment deals around the net. I decided on this particular one, to give it a year or so.

Judging from the message board and all the positive comments from those before me, I thought it might be worth the small investment and the wait. Well..... Here are my thoughts one year later.

C.A.N Corp is based out of Spain! CAN operates several sites (I'll list those below for reference purposes).

Once on the mailing list and having gone through all the sign-ups and making my investment, the first few months looked really GOOD! My investment was moving and based on what I was seeing at the time, I was calculating that I would be able to cash in in about 6 months. Boy was I wrong.

I will admit this guy does have a pretty good business going! He has developed a program that many people are easily being suckered into! He sends out NUMEROUS "no-reply" messages with more excitement than any one person should have. But then again, why not, Dudes Rolling in the Dough!

Personally, I am glad I made the investment and hopefully this post will bring enough information to light that others will NOT invest in this "opportunity". Basically, you are required to make a small investment and in the grand ole multi level marketing scheme of things, you set back and wait and wait and wait while Mr. CAN Founder goes on and creates several other branches that seem more appealing and lucrative leaving behind your little investment who suddenly developes a stunt in growth.

Now when I go to the site and try to do the "contact us" to get OFF their mailing lists and to delete my account, I am sent into a vicious circle in cyber space. There is no contacting them (perhaps one of their more enthusiastic members will happen on this post and put me in contact with Mr. CAN -- ohhhhh please please please)

When you are looking for investment opportunities, I would keep on looking. CAN is nothing more than a bunch of bologna on which a handful are reaping the rewards.

The sites this business operates and maintains are:

CAN-World Trade Directory
CAN-mini Portal
CAN-Mini Portal
CAN-Maxi Portal
CAN-2 Dollar Portal
CAN-4 Million portal
Costa Mail

If you happen to know of more sites similar to this, please feel free to email me.