Friday, August 13, 2004

No Fluff Here

For anyone looking to work from home and make money off the internet, I will tell you point blank, it is NOT Easy!

You look around the Internet and see so many thousands of sites and assume they must be making loads of money somewhere. Well the truth is, they aren't really.

I have been working from home for nearly 6 years and in that six years I have found only a few businesses that I worked with that provided a "real" income for my children and I. Outside of that, what I found was little ways here and there to make what I call "mad money".

Through this blog, I will reveal the various ways in which you can make "mad money" and help make things just a little easier.

The first site I started is Single-Again. The focus there is pretty much self explaned in the title. You can browse that site and see who I have chosen to affiliate with. Keep in mind I will NOT risk my reputation for a single dollar. I will ONLY affilate with organizations and companies that I truly believe in and that offer a GREAT product.

I have tried various affiliate companies such as Commission Junction and BeFree, but found that I would have to promote so many products that I have neither tried or use just to get a little commission check every now and again. I have personally chosen to stay away from those types of sites and do the digging on my own.

Look around your house and see the products you use, those you would easily recommend to a friend or those you have recommended. Check to see if they have an affiliate program. What reward is there in selling a product that you know nothing about?

More to come!