Tuesday, June 13, 2006

WAHM Interview - Meg Johnson - Avon

What Work at/from Home plan do you currently participate in?


What part of the country are you from?

Midwest US

How long have you been involved with this particular business?

Almost 4 years – 2 years was my record before

What was the key element in your making the decision to become a member of this organization?

There was not just one.  I had learned from being involved in other companies the things I needed to consider. 

Quality affordable highly marketable product, flexibility in how you sell and how much you sell, not confined to parties, stable company with excellent reputation. 

Do you have any regrets?

Only one – that I didn’t start sooner. 

Do you have some major highlights or experiences that made you realize it was the right decision?

Well I just started kind of casually and the people around me “pushed” me into getting big right away by asking for catalogs, asking to order.  Also when I decided to try leadership as I had in other companies, my expectations were very low, as in other companies I had tried for a year and only enrolled 1-2 people – well I had 5 in my first month with barely trying.  I also will never forget the look on one of my first downline’s faces when she got over 600 dollars in orders her first campaign – her goal was 100 !!

How much did it cost total to get your business underway? 

My total cost initially from avon was 10.00 plus I purchased a calculator, stapler, and some business cards – so about 40.00 – 50.00 more. Later one when I decided to get into it bigger – I purchased a career training kit – which was another 80.00 and more office supplies.  I also started investing more in advertising and extra catalogs and other items – but those were all my choice to re-invest my profit back into my investment.  My real out of pocket was only that first 50.00 or so. 

Did you participate in any other work from home type program(s) prior to joining your current program?  If so, what were they?  Why did you leave those?

I have done a number over the years.  When I was much younger I did several of the vitamin, health drink type companies- they never seemed to take off for me – the product line seemed too limited to me, the price too high on the product, and I may have been to shy as well.

Later I ventured into the home party line – like PartyLite, and Weekenders.  But those again were an issue with price and then we added people’s resistance to asking their friends to come and buy, and the ever going cycle of the same group of friends at party after party and watching the sales dwindle.  After using up my warm market and some cold market I seemed to not have much luck either time at keeping the momentum.  I am not a true salesperson at heart.  I can only convince you if I REALLY believe this is the best thing for you.  That is why my current business works for me as I don’t have to convince or sell.  The products and the opportunity do it for themselves. 

In your complete honest opinion, what “type” of people would your organization be best for – who may be considering becoming a rep or member? 

What qualities do you believe are needed to be successful? With the flexibility we offer, as long as people enjoy other people, are friendly, are responsible, have basic organization skills, and are willing to provide good customer service they will do awesome at being an AVON representative.
If you are interested in making “big” money, then you will need to be more outgoing, willing to teach and mentor other people and willing to share this incredible earning opportunity with other people everywhere. So interpersonal skills, a higher level of organization, persistence, energy and drive as well as some creativity will serve you well.  The main quality in this component of the business is to set your goal and be persistent and keep that goal in front of you and drive forward to accomplish it.  As with any business there are incredible days that pump you up and there are discouraging days, so having a plan to boost yourself back up out of those days is essential.   

How many hours a week do you invest in your business?  Do you think it requires more than that or less than that? 

I am only able to devote 15 hours a week right now to my business – so it grows a little slower than others that are able to devote more time.  But the great part about AVON is that you can grow at whatever pace, or have whatever size business you want.  So I have representatives that devote anywhere from 2-3 hours a week all the way to 40-50 hours a week – depending on the goals and dreams they have and how fast they want to reach them. 

Does your organization require you to have in-home parties or go door-to-door as part of their business plan? 

No – you can do those things, but you are not required to sell in any certain way – there are many options for how you can sell.  Our only requirement at all is that you place at least a 1.00 order each campaign and pay for it before you place the next order. 

Can all sales be done online?

Yes that is an option – AVON offers you to have your own AVON webpage. 

Does your organization allow you to partner with businesses to set up displays selling your products or does that go against the guidelines?

You can sell your products in a store – only if you own the store or have a Licensed AVON Beauty Center.  You also can sell products at fairs, festivals, etc but not in stores owned by other people. 

What would you like to say to the people who will read this article that may help them to make their decision to choose or not choose this particular organization?

Consider the following key issues:
1. Stability and Reputation of Company
2. Quality, Affordability, Consumability, and Marketability of Products
3. Flexibility in methods of selling
4. Start Up Cost
5. Requirements – Quotas, Minimum orders, Shipping Fees, other hidden costs
6. Mentor – Find someone that you click with – that you feel is wise, helpful,  and has your best interest in mind, not just their own success. 

Is there anything else, based on your own experience that you believe people should know when trying to make their business decisions?

Ask questions and more questions, get a real feel for the company and how things run, get a feel for the mentor, get a real feel for the company and the stability, check out the commission structure etc – Do your homework – then go with what feels right!!  If you don’t pay hundreds of dollars to start – then it won’t hurt if it doesn’t work out!

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